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Response to Demons

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We live in either the kingdom of darkness or the kingdom of light. In the kingdom of light, God's kingdom, demons have no authority and we have authority to command the demons. The model in Scripture for responding to demons is to tell the demon to "get away." There are practical ways in which we can resist Satan and demons.


Response to Demons

A. Gospel of Mark

1. Mark chapter 1 - demon possession

2. Acts chapter 16

B. What do you do with demons in believers?

1. Jesus' response (Matthew chapter 4)

2. Jesus' response (Matthew chapter 16)

3. Acts chapter 5

4. 2 Timothy chapter 2

5. 2 Corinthians chapter 6

C. Commands to believers about Satan

1. Ephesians chapter 6

2. James chapter 4

3. Galatians chapter 2

4. 2 Timothy chapters 2 and 4

5. 1 Peter chapter 5

D. Practical ways to resist Satan and demons

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