Free Online Bible Classes | Missions and World Religions (Part 1)

Missions and World Religions (Part 1)

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Understanding world religions affects our strategy and the way we do our ministry around the world. Identification vs. extractionist model. By understanding the teachings of different religions, you can explain the gospel in terms they can understand.

The map referred to in the lecture with the world religions color coded is not available to us.


I. Correlation between world religions and unreached people groups
II. Why study other religions instead of just preaching the gospel?
III. Islam
    A. Five Pillars
    B. Continuity vs. discontinuity
    C. Legalism vs. Grace
    D. Christology
    E. How the Bible and the Quran can or should be used
IV. Hinduism
    A. Basic beliefs
    B. Many paths to salvation
    C. Dr. Tennent's work in North India
V. Buddhism
    A. Basic beliefs
    B. Points of discussion
VI. China and Japan

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