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Lecture 15: Becoming a Missionary (Part 1)

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Some mission board are associated with a denomination and some are independent. Fundamentalist missions organizations each have a specific focus. The steps you go through before you go to the mission field are designed to help you get good training and build a team that will support you. Churches are tending to provide a larger percentage of support for fewer missionaries.

The chart showing the structure of the mission boards to which Dr. Tennent refers in the lecture is not available.


I. Mission boards in the US and Canada
III. Fundamentalist Mission Boards
IV. Steps to becoming a missionary
    A. Missions agency or a local church
    B. Application process
    C. Training and further evaluation
    D. Candidate process
    E. Raising support
    F. Service
    G. Follow-up
V. Categories of missionaries
    A. Long-term regular missionaries
    B. Long-term pioneer missionaries
    C. Nonresident missionaries
    D. Asynchronous resident missionary
    E. Tentmakers
    F. Short-term missionaries

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