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Major Issues in the Context of Missions

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It’s helpful to summarize what you need to know as a pastor to communicate to people about missions and what the pathway is to getting prepared to serve as a missionary. Every continent should be a sending and receiving continent. Short term missions is the best thing and worse thing that has happened to the local church.

Previous to the beginning of the audio, there was a video shown that is not available to us. It was an account of the breakthrough of the gospel into a culture.


I. The Rise of the Non-Western Church
II. Urban Context of Missions
III. Access and Viability Criteria
IV. Short Term Missions
    A. Advantages of short term missions trips
    B. Six tough questions
        1. What is the goal or motivation for short-term missions?
        2. What is the cost of short-term missions?
        3. Where are we sending our young people?
        4. What is the witness of short-term missionaries?
        5. What is the impact on field resources and personnel?
        6. What is the impact of short-term missions on long-term missions?

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