Free Online Bible Classes | Acts Chapter 11 (Part 1)

Acts Chapter 11 (Part 1)

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Acts 11:20 describes the first time the Gospel is intentionally preached in a cross-cultural situation.


I. Historical context
II. First intentional cross-cultural Gospel encounter Acts 11: 20
III. Cycle of the spread of the Gospel in Acts
    A. The Gospel is preached cross-culturally
    B. Beginning of a church being planted
    C. Barnabas and Saul disciple believers in Antioch for a year
    D. The church in Antioch send out Saul and Barnabas
IV. History of the Church’s obedience to the Great Commission (39:56)
    A. Beachhead Missions 1792-1910
1. Outline of Carey's book, "An Inquiry"
2. Carey called the "father of modern missions"
3. "Beachhead" refers to planting a church in a new country


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