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Buddhism in America

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We apologize but this lecture is not available. We will record it the next time Dr. Tennent lectures on Buddhism.


Penetrating the Buddhist Heart

Part 5

III. Buddhism in America

A. Introduction

1. Cultural awareness and size / influence of Buddhism in the West

2. Why would a Westerner become a Buddhist?

a. Existential longing for a road map

b. Structure and community / sense of belonging / clear expectations

c. Aesthetics / beauty / allure of East

B. Invocational Buddhism in America

1. Soka Gakkai International (SGI)

2. Amida Buddha websites in the USA

3. “Prayer” and “church” in American Buddhism

C. Meditative Buddhism in America

1. Role of D. T. Suzuki (1870-1966) in promoting Zen in the West
See, Essays in Zen Buddhism (3 vol., 1927–33), The Training of the Buddhist Monk (1934), Zen Buddhism and Its Influence on Japanese Culture (1938, rev. ed. 1959), An Introduction to Zen Buddhism (1949), and Mysticism: Christian and Buddhist (1957).

2. Zen on-line

a. Zen - offers an electronic lesson in the art of meditation.

b. Daily Zen - original zen art, humor, and daily Zen quotes, koans, and poems for meditation and enjoyment

c. Zen @ MetaLab - contains an HTML version of The Gateless Gate, and a collection of Zen koans

d. Zen Stories to Tell Your Neighbors – collection of Zen stories

e. Zen Guide - ultimate on-line guide to Zen and Buddhism

Terms to know from this lecture:

D. T. Suzuki

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