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Lecture 15: Explorations in Buddhist Apologetics 1

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Buddhist mudras are hand gestures which have physical and spiritual significance. Family ties in a shame-based culture may often place significant social pressures on a person considering converting from Buddhism to Christianity.


Penetrating the Buddhist Heart

Part 1

I. Buddhist Mudras

A. Enlightenment

B. Teaching

C. Compassion

D. Prayer

E. Calling earth to witness

II. Explorations in Buddhist Apologetics (part 1)

A. Ten Insights from Buddhist converts: an inside view

1. If you meet Christ on the road, you should worship Him:
The historicity of the Christian claims

2. But, what will mom and dad say? Family Ties in a “shame” based culture
Shame Culture: Eastern world has historically been guided by strong corporate, group conformity. If someone does not maintain a good appearance and earn the good opinion of others, then there is a sense of / feeling of shame. It is important to keep one’s duty to family and society.
Guilt Culture: Western world has historically been guided by strong personal standards (internalized through sacred texts) which, if violated by sinful behavior, create a sense of personal guilt.

Terms to know from this lecture:

Shame vs. guilt culture

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