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Lecture 11: Vajranyana Buddhism

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We apologize but this lecture is not available. We will record it the next time Dr. Tennent lectures on Buddhism.


The Emergence of the “Great Vehicle”

Part 5

V. Vajranyana Buddhism: The Tantric “Thunderbolt” of Buddhism

A. Introduction to Tantrism

B. Mantrayana / Vajranjana

Om mani-padme hum Gata, gate, paragate, parasamgate, bhodhi svaha

1. 3 “fruits” of Vajranyana:

a. Everything is Buddha
“Bless me to perceive all things as the deity body,
Cleansing the taints of ordinary perception and conception.
Through the Yoga of the creation stage of Unexcelled Tantra,
Changing birth, death and between into the three Buddha bodies!”

b. Samsara is Nirvana
“Bless me to understand Nagarjuna’s intended meaning,
Where life and liberation have no iota of intrinsic reality,
Cause and effect and relativity are still inexorable,
And these two do not contradict but mutually complement!

c. Buddhas are here among us
To a fool who squints
One lamp is as two;
Where seen and seer are not two, ah! The mind
Works on the thingness of them both!

C. Introduction to Tibetan Buddhism

1. Early history of Tibet

2. Tibetan Scriptures

a. Kanjur: Vinya, Perfection of Wisdom Lit., Mahayana selected sutras and Tantras

b. Tanjur: Indian commentaries on Buddhist writings

D. Three “fires” of Vajranyana Buddhism

1. Lama venerationism

a. Padma Sambhava

b. Atisha

c. Tsong Khapa

2. Tantrism

3. Mysticism

E. Conclusion

Terms to Know from this lecture:

Tantra / Tantrism
Mantrayana (mantra – ritualized formula used for invoking a deity, gain protection or to assist in meditative focus)
Padma Sambhava
Dalai Lama
Monastic Buddhism
Messianic Buddhism
Apocalyptic Buddhism

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