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Lecture 3: The First Two Sermons 1

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The First Sermon of Buddha


The Voice of Dissent

Part 3

II. The First Two Sermons (part 1)

A. The First Sermon

1. Four Noble Truths:

a. TRUTH # 1: All of Life is eventually sorrowful (Dukha)

b. TRUTH # 2: Sorrow (Dukha) is Caused by Desire (Tanha)

c. TRUTH #3: Cessation of Desire is the key to the extinguishing of the ego and putting out the fire/flame of ‘thirst’/ ‘craving’

Hinduism background #4: Hindu reflection on wheel of samsara and Moksa

d. TRUTH #4: There is a Path (Marga) which leads to the Cessation of Suffering (Dukha)

2. The Eight-fold Path

B. The Second Sermon

1. The Three Characteristics

a. Impermanence

b. Angst

c. No-Self

Misery only does exist, but none miserable;

No doer is there, nothing but the deeds are found,

Nirvana is, but not the man who seeks it,

The 8-fold path exists, but not the traveler on it.

Terms to Know from this Lecture:

The First Sermon
The Second Sermon
Eight-fold path
Four Noble Truths

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