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Stoics were determinists who believed in living according to nature.


Hellenistic Philosophy

Part 2

II. Stoicism

A. Contrast with Epicureanism

1. View of God

a. Epicureans - Polytheists

b. Stoics - Pantheists

2. Ultimate Reality

a. Epicureans - Materialists, Indeterminists

b. Stoics - Materialists, Determinists

3. Knowledge

a. Epicureans - Empiricists

b. Stoics - Empiricists

4. Ethic

a. Epicureans - Hedonism

b. Stoics - Living according to nature

B. Three Major Periods

1. Early (300 - 200 B.C.)

2. Middle (150 B.C. - A.D. 1)

3. Later (A.D. 1 - 250)

a. Seneca (A.D. 1 - 65)

b. Epictetus (A.D. 50 - 138)

c. Marcus Aurelius (A.D. 121 - 180)

C. The Stoic Ethic

D. Stoic Pantheism

E. Influence of Cynicism

1. Live according to "nature"

2. Nonconformists

3. Nature became a nonpersonal, pantheistic god; fate

F. The Stoic Metaphysic

1. Materialism

2. Heraclitianism

3. Pantheism

4. Fatalism

G. Did Stoicism influence the writers of the New Testament?

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