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Contrast, Substance, Causes, Categories

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Aristotle rejected Plato's doctrine of two worlds.


Aristotelian Philosophy

Part 2

II. Contrast between Aristotle and Plato

A. Aristotle rejects Plato's doctrine of two worlds.

B. Aristotle rejects Plato's epistemological dualism.

C. Aristotle rejects Plato's anthropological dualism.


III. Substance

A. Definition - Any given thing that exists.

B. Composed of two things

1. Matter - hule

2. Form - morphe


IV. Four Causes

A. Material

B. Formal

C. Efficient

D. Final


V. Doctrine of the Categories

A. Definition

B. Ten Kinds

1. Substance

2. Quantity

3. Quality

4. Place

5. Time

6. Relation

7. Action

8. Passion

9. Posture

10. State

C. Essential Property

D. Nonessential Properties

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