Lecture 6: Introduction, Opposition

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Plato was a student of Socrates and lived into the fourth century BC. He opposed hedonism, empiricism, relativism, materialism, atheism and naturalism.


Platonic Philosophy

Part 1

I. Plato's Life

A. Plato is a nickname of Aristocles, who came from a distinguished Athenian family.

B. He became a student of Socrates at age 28.

C. At age 40, he founded The Academy; he died at age 80.

D. Approximately 30 of his known writings have survived. They are divided into three categories: Early, Middle, and Later Dialogues.


II. Seven Ideas that Plato Opposed

A. Hedonism

B. Empiricism

C. Relativism

D. Materialism

E. Mechanism

F. Atheism

G. Naturalism


Name Description
1 History of Philosophy and Christian Thought - Quiz 6

History of Philosophy and Christian Thought - Quiz 6

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