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Christian education involves recruiting, training, modeling, organizing and supporting people who volunteer to teach.


Contact: Who does the work of Christian Education?

Part 2

II.  Fundamental Obligations of the Teacher

A.  Intercession

B.  Modeling

C.  Partnership

D.  Alertness

E.  Cultivation

F.  Time


III.  Team Ministry

A.  Pastor should cast the vision for CE.

B.  Role of the CE Coordinator

1.  Casting vision

2.  Coordinating education efforts

3.  Curriculum oversight and development

C.  Choosing Volunteers

1.  Recruitment

a.  Open invitations, but ...

b.  Ongoing observation

2.  Probationary period

3.  Reappointment

4.  Redirection

5.  Term of service

6.  Job description

7.  Character, Compatibility, Commitment, Competence

8.  Be careful not to become a "user" of people.

9.  With growth, give increasing attention to giftedness.

10.  Staff for vision, not just maintenance.

D.  Working with the Team

1.  Pray together regularly.

2.  Train continually.

3.  Involve them in personal ministry.

4.  Involve them in decision-making.

5.  Delegate responsibility with follow-up and support.

6.  Watch your/their life and your/their doctrine.

7.  Encourage relationships of accountability.

8.  Be prepared for conflict.

9.  Provide spiritual nurture and direction.

10.  Remember what you are modeling.

11.  Provide a forum for feedback.

E.  Model for Training

1.  Daily - Pray for them.

2.  Weekly - Pray with them.

3.  Monthly - Planning and prayer time together.

4.  Quarterly - Discuss curriculum.

5.  Annually - Equip them through a seminar or retreat.

F.  Organization

1.  Higher Level of the Church

a.  Administrative Pastor

b.  Outreach Pastor

c.  Senior Pastor

d.  CE Coordinator

e.  Worship Leader

2.  CE Leadership Team

a.  Children's Ministry Director

b.  Parent Association Representative

c.  Preschool Director

d.  CE Coordinator

e.  Elder/Deacon Representative

f.  Christian Service Coordinator

g.  Youth Pastor

h.  Adult CE Director

i.  Resource Center Coordinator

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