Obstacles and Commitments

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Effective teachers know their audience and avoid attitudes and expressions that would create obstacles to communication.


Congruence: Whom do we teach?

Part 2

VI.  Obstacles to Overcome

A.  The use of phrases like "youth culture," "Gen X," etc.

B.  "Being color blind"

C.  "That's not my concern"

D.  If we consider ourselves to represent the "cultural norm"

E.  Our own prejudicial attitudes, words, and actions

F.  Misuse of the term "American"


VII.  Commitments to Reaffirm

A.  Great Commandments

B.  The Great Commission

C.  Ministry of reconciliation

D.  Be more honest and faithful in our interpretation of Scripture

E.  Healthy cultural self-knowledge

F.  Understand the culture we are ministering to

G.  Love and respect individuals as individuals

H.  Be in relationships with people of other cultures

I.  Be stretched beyond our own cultural comfort zone

J.  Revisit these commitments

K.  Teach in culturally appropriate ways

L.  Be the xenos


45 min