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Two Commitments

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A key element for effective education to take place is for teachers to know their students relationally.


Congruence: Whom do we teach?

Part 1

I. Two Commitments

A. The World of the Learner

B. The Timeless Word of God


II. What should we know about our learners?

A. Spiritual level

B. Points of common ground

C. Age group

D. Daily experiences

E. Values, dreams, hobbies

F. Expectations

G. Traditions

1. Family

2. Church

H. Ethnicity or Nationality

I. Gender

J. Socio-economic status

K. The age


III. How do we learn these things?

A. Relationships

B. Not through books


IV. Culture and Ethnicity

A. Area of weakness

B. Should be a priority

C. Touches all seven questions


V. Definitions

A. Race

B. Culture

C. Ethnic group

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