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Lecture 11: Developmentalism

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Tailoring curriculum by taking into peoples' physical and spiritual developmental stages can make teaching more effective.


Continuity: When do we teach what?

Part 1

I.  Developmentalism

A.  Spiritual Development

B.  Developmentalism

1.  God's Design

2.  Resources

a.  Created to Learn, William R. Yount

b.  Nurture that is Christian, Wilhoit and Dettoni

C.  Cognitive Development - Piaget

1.  Sensorimotor (0-2)

2.  Preoperational (2-7)

a.  Preconceptual

b.  Intuitive

3.  Concrete Operations (7-11)

4.  Formal Operations (12-15)

D.  Faith Development - Fowler

1.  Primal (0-2)

2.  Intuitive-Projective (2-6)

3.  Mythical-Literal (7-11)

4.  Synthetic-Conventional (11-22)

5.  Individuative-Reflective (Young adult)

6.  Conjunctive (Middle adult)

7.  Universalizing (Older adult)

E.  Stages of Moral Reasoning - Kohlberg

1.  Preconventional (4-10)

a.  Concern with obedience and punishment

b.  Concern with satisfying needs

2.  Conventional (10-13)

a.  Desire for "good boy" or "good girl" image

b.  Concern for law and order, duty, and respect

3.  Postconventional (13+)

a.  Concern for legitimate rights of the individual

b.  Concern for ethical principles

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