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Lecture 6: Early Church to Sunday School

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History of Christian education from the early church to modern Sunday school.


A Historical Survey of Christian Education

Part 2

III.  Early Church

A.  Worship Service

1.  Public segment

2.  Private segment

B.  Catechumenate

1.  Catecheo

2.  Catechesis

3.  Catechist

4.  Catechumen

5.  Catechism


IV.  Medieval Church

A.  Church-State Problems

1.  Illiteracy

2.  Clergy domination

B.  Increasing use of visuals, icons

C.  Monasteries - Benedictine Code

1.  Work

2.  Study

3.  Prayer


V.  Reformation

A.  Scripture in the hands of the people

B.  Catechesis returns

C.  Luther

D.  Calvin


VI.  Puritan Model

A.  Centrality of preaching

B.  Home as a small church


VII.  Sunday School

A.  Beginnings

1.  1780 - Robert Raikes, Hannah Ball

2.  Mainly outreach

B.  United States

1.  1785 - Lay movement, parachurch

2.  Lost evangelistic focus

C.  Problems

1.  Distancing of pastors from CE

2.  What to teach?

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50 min

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