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Islam and Christianity

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Islam and Christianity have major theological differences including their view of Scripture, the nature of God, who Jesus is and what is required for salvation. There are specific strategies that can help us witness to Muslims genuinely and effectively.


Islam and Christianity


I. Major Theological Differences

A. Islam rejects the doctrine of the Trinity.

B. Islam rejects the deity of Jesus Christ.

C. Islam rejects the incarnation.

D. Islam rejects the centrality of the death and resurrection of Christ.

E. Islam rejects the reliability of the Bible.

F. Islam teaches salvation by works.

G. Islam teaches God cannot reveal himself, only his will.


II. Witnessing to Muslims

A. Build genuine relationships.

B. Ask thought-provoking questions.

C. Read the Qur'an.

D. Present your faith candidly and in love.

E. Pray with your Muslim friend.


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