Authority and Revelation

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Along with the Quran, the Hadith is another source of revelation for the Muslim religion. The Hadith addresses many social and economic issues that come up in daily life. The Sunna is a collection of oral tradition about Muhammad, and the Hadith is a collection of narratives about Muhammad that are written. The Sunnis also have a provision for the community coming to a consensus about something new being agreed to as having equal authority with the Quran and Hadith. In the Shia community an Imam can declare something as revelatory truth. These components combine to make up Sharia law, which governs the Muslim community.


Authority and Revelation


I. Hadith as a Source of Islamic Revelation

A. Sunna

B. Hadith


II. Sharia Structure in Sunni and Shia

A. Sunni - Ijma

B. Shia - Imam

C. Lesser Components of Sharia

1. Fatwa - legal opinion

2. Qiya - analogy


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14 min

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