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The Qur'an and the Five Pillars

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Muslims believe that the Qur'an is a divine revelation from God given directly to Muhammed beginning in about A.D. 610. The Five Pillars of the Islamic religion are the confession of faith, ritual prayer, almsgiving, fasting, and pilgrimage.


The Qur'an and the Five Pillars of Islam


I. The Qur'an

A. Background

B. Arrangement of the Surahs

C. Abrogation

D. The First Surah

E. The People of the Book


II. The Five Pillars

A. Confession of Faith (Shahadah)

1. Allah's sovereignty and unrivaled providence

2. Muhammad as the final "seal" of the prophets

B. Ritual Prayer (Salat)

1. Call to Prayer (Adhan) by the Muezzin

2. Four Aspects of Salat

a. Ablution

b. Direction (qiblah)

c. Movements (rak'ah)

d. Times

C. Almsgiving (Zakat)

1. Minister to the poor

2. Support Islamic missions

D. Fasting (Sawm)

1. Ninth month of Ramadan

2. Feast of 'id al Fitr (Breaking of the Fast)

E. Pilgrimage (Hajj)

1. Time of the Hajj

2. First Day

a. Ihram (consecration)

b. Tawaf (circumambulation of Ka'ba)

c. Saai (hastening between Safa and Marwa)

d. Plains of Arafat

3. Second Day - Mina - throwing stones at the Devil

4. Third Day - "Rebirth"


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