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Rationalism and Empiricism

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Empiricism teaches that all human knowledge arises from sense experience. Rationalism teaches that some human knowledge does not arise from sense. experience


Platonic Philosophy

Part 6



IX. Rationalism and Empiricism



A. Introduction

1. Square of Opposition

2. Four Propositions

a. A - All S is P.

b. E - No S is P.

c. I - Some S is P.

d. O - Some S is not P.

3. A and O are contradictions.

B. Definition of Rationalism and Empiricism

1. Empiricism - All human knowledge arises from sense experience.

2. Rationalism - Some human knowledge does not arise from sense experience.

C. Tabula Rasa

1. John Locke

2. Innate ideas - Implicit to Explicit

D. Innate Ideas are not person relative.

1. Equality

2. Justice

3. Goodness

4. Truth

5. Existence of God

E. Invisible Ink

1. Aquinas - "Nothing is in the mind that is not first in the senses."

2. Leibniz added - "Except the mind itself."

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