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CONTENT: WHAT must we teach?


Seven Questions

Part 3



II. WHAT must we teach? - CONTENT



A. What are the fundamentals of the Christian faith?

B. What does church history tell us?

1. The Ten Commandments

2. The Creed

3. The Sacraments

4. The Lord’s Prayer

C. Why were these things included?

D. Threefold Concern

1. The Way - Ten Commandments

2. The Truth - The Creed

3. The Life - Lord's Prayer and Sacraments

E. What must we teach first?

1. Clear instruction of the Gospel.

2. Expanded version of the gospel – The Story

3. Threefold Pattern

a. Theology

b. Ethics

c. Devotional life

d. Ongoing instruction in the Scriptures

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