Free Online Bible Classes | Politics and Proverbs (part c)

Politics and Proverbs (part c)

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What are the foundations for a good government? What are the characteristics of a good ruler?

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III. Foundations of Good Government

A. Bible (1:15)

1. Mosaic Law (10 commandments)

a. Supreme Court: priest and judge

b. King copies law upon his inauguration to the throne

c. David’s command to descendants

d. Book of Law has had greater impact for social good than any other book

2. Sages’ wisdom (9:07)

a. Proverbs gives greater definition in social and cultural issues than the Book of the Law. Love God and neighbor-Ten commandments-Proverbs

b. Wisdom literature in ANE

3. Necessity of Christianity for Democracy (21:45)

4. Necessity for belief in afterlife, for a psychology of ultimate responsibility (38:19)

B. Conscience (41:48)

IV. Characteristic of a Good Ruler (42:35)

A. Inseparable from character of the person: to be wise/righteous oneself

B. Righteous: seeks the best for others, not self

C. Stand for principles, not for parties

D. By justice, equity

E. Reliably kind and gracious

F. Surrounds himself with good advisers

G. Disassociates himself from the wicked

H. Seeks the truth

I. Exposes and punishes wicked

J. Sober

V. How to have political influence (50:45)

A. Be wise

B. Be gracious

C. Be patient

D. Be humble

E. Be temperate

F. Be proficient

G. Fear the LORD and the king

VI. Conclusion: Live by Faith in the Lord (51:35)

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