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Politics and Proverbs (part b)

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After a review of the preceding lecture, Dr. Waltke talks about how we are in a spiritual and political war with "fools." The wise retrain evil by punishing wrong doers. Non-involvement is a vote for the wicked. The benefits of a righteous and just government.

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Proverbs and Politics (part 2)

I. Christian Involvement in Political Activity (cont)

B. Positive assessment of why Christians should be involved in politics

1. Proverbs presupposes involvement in politics (1:00)

a. Authorship and addressees are kings and court officials

b. Content democratized – given to all Israel to shape the character of then nation, which will shape the character of the government.

c. Salvation history (2:30)

1. Metanarrative is that all people are created in God’s image to rule creation

2. Immediate Satanic opposition who usurps human authority making a savior necessary. Results in political battle

3. Lord’s Prayer – God’s rule being realized on earth. War between rule of God and rule of Satan. Political battle to decide who will rule

2. God, politics and religion are inseparable (5:45) (From chart on culture)

a. Worldview (God)

b. Ethics (values)

c. Politics (government) – government is application of the ethics and preserves your values

d. Behavior

3. A just government is the foundation for a nation’s economic prosperity and social well-being (12:45)

Without a just government, philanthropy is mostly wasted. A government’s primary responsibility is to promote justice

4. In a democracy, every eligible citizen rules: people replace the king (22:45)

5. The wise recognize that they are in a spiritual war with fools (24:00)

6. The wise restrain evil by punishing wrong-doers (32:05)

7. Non-involvement is a vote for the wicked (32:45)

8. The freedom and opportunity of future generations depend on the present generation’s political action (36:20)

9. Apostolic teaching and practice (37:35)

10. Anti-Christian bias-a “wicked bias”-in American government demands a righteous response (43:35)

E. Count the cost

II. Motivations for a Righteous and Just Government (45:50)

A. For the good of the governed (46:20)

B. For the good of the governing: retains power (1:04:30)

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