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Lecture 5: Evangelism and Networking with Disability Ministries and Organizations

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Rarely do we think of families affected by disability in light of the Great Commission. The reason for this is that we do not understand the relationship between the Great Mission Statement, The Great Commission, and The Great Mandate. This lesson sheds light on this relationship and also provides reasons why people with disabilities may reject the Gospel. It describes how to present the Gospel to people with disabilities and offers some practical models for outreach.

People in the disability community endure many obstacles as they make their way in this often inhospitable world. This lesson will help students appreciate some of these obstacles and will also explain how Christian and secular organizations can work together to relieve some of the burden. It provides practical ways to locate and network with government and private agencies, to work for social and ethical justice, and to understand Joni and Friends’ worldwide initiatives.

Lessons 13-14: Rev. Steve Bundy

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59 min

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