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Sanctification is the process of being set apart from the old creation to the new.


Sanctification, Justification, and the Relationship of Christ to the Law

I. A Summary of Sanctification as it Relates to New Creation

A. Sanctification is the process of being set apart from the old creation to the new.

B. The indicative for those who are in the new creation precedes the imperative of how they are expected to live.

C. The “old man” and “new man” correspond to the old creation and the new creation.

D. There are at least three reasons why Christians sin.

1. The influence of the devil and his demons

2. The influence of the fallen world

3. The fallen bodies of believers

E. Although the good works of a Christian do not cause his or her salvation, they do indeed validate the authenticity of that salvation.

F. Although Christians are to be assured that the one in whom God works salvation will ultimately be saved, it is appropriate for Christians, when they are in patterns of sin, to question whether they are truly among God’s people.

G. The imperative nature of God’s commands must be understood in the context of the indicative.

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