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Paul Experienced the New Creational Kingdom

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Different approaches and methods for doing biblical theology. The apostle Paul experienced the new creational kingdom.


Proposed Centers for Biblical Theology

I. Different Approaches and Methods for Doing Biblical Theology

A. Some possible centers for the Old Testament:

1. God

2. Israel

3. God and Israel

4. Election

5. Promise

6. Covenant

7. Kingdom

8. Creation

9. Communion with God

10. Revelation

II. The OT is the Story of God who Progressively and Teleologically Reestablishes His New Creational Rule over People by His Word and Spirit Through Promise, Covenant, and Judgment unto God’s Glory.

A. Some possible centers for the New Testament:

1. Anthropology

2. Salvation History

3. Covenant

4. Love

5. Christology

6. Justification by Faith

III. The NT is the Story of the Beginning End Time Rule in a New Creation over People by God’s Word, Son, and Spirit through Already and Not Yet Fulfillment of Promise, Covenant, and Judgment at Christ’s Death and Resurrection for God’s Glory.

IV. Biblical Theology is Nothing Else than the Exhibition of the Organic Progress of Supernatural Revelation [Inbreaking New Creation] in Its Historic Continuity and Multiformity .

The Damascus Road Resurrection Christophany as an End Time Pauline Framework of Thought

I. Paul Experienced the New Creational Kingdom.

A. This is evident from the Christophany as a resurrection appearance, which marked the beginning of the last days.

B. The presence of the idea of resurrection in Judaism.

C. NT evidence on resurrection as New Creation.

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