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Lecture 1: Already and Not Yet Eschatology

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The use of the phrase "Latter Days" in the Old Testament and references where it occurs.

Already and Not Yet Eschatology


I. Use of the Term “Latter Days” in the OT

A. Some references to the “latter days”

1. Genesis 49:1 – Jacob’s prophecy concerning the futures

2. Numbers 24:14 – Balaam’s prophecy

3. Isaiah 2:2 – Some Gentiles submit to God

4. Ezekiel 38:16 – Israel oppressed; Spirit given

5. Hosea 3:4-5 – Return from exile

6. Daniel 2:28 – Empires crumble; Divine kingdom set up

7. Daniel 10:14 – Coming of antichrist; persecution

8. Daniel 12:2 – Resurrection

B. In the OT “latter days” refer to the following:

1. A messianic figure who will subdue Israel’s enemies

2. A time when some gentiles will submit to God

3. Future time of God’s reign on earth

4. Israel’s restoration from exile (Hosea 3; Ezekiel 38)

5. Covenant community compromised/remnant faithful

6. Time of the Spirit/end-time Temple (Ezekiel 38)

7. Resurrection and new creation (Daniel 12:2)

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1 hour 5 min

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