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Christian Response Case Studies (Part 3)

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A. J. Appasamy became the bishop of south India. He developed a Christian interpretation of the Pramanas.  He shows how the relational themes in John’s gospel are consistent with the Bhakti tradition. He doesn’t believe Bhakti is sufficient, but uses it to prepare people for the gospel.


A. A. J. Apppasamy's life
B. Communicating the gospel via the Pramanas
C. Christianity as Bhakti Marga
D. Models of Christian witness in contemporary India
    1. Pentecostal power-encounter
    2. Jesus Christ, the perfect embodiment of dharma
    3. Jesus Christ, the liberator from oppressive structures [end of part 1]
    4. Jesus Christ, the western savior
    5. Jesus Christ, the unique logos made sannyasin

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17 min

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