Seeing People the Way Jesus Sees Them (Part 2)

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80-2000 project The scope of the Great Commission includes both the nation of Israel and the whole world. Matthew chapters 9 and 10 describe people as lost (sheep without a shepherd) and valuable (the harvest is plentiful). Jesus saw and had compassion. The heart of missions is seeing people the way Jesus sees them and loving them the way Jesus loves them.


Seeing People the Way Jesus Sees Them


1. Soundtrack of video for "adopt a people group"

2. End of video soundtrack

3. Quote from David Livingstone

4. Quote from Robert Spear

5. The Gospel of Matthew

A. Matthew chapter 10

B. Matthew chapter 9

1. Picture 1 - People as sheep without a shepherd

2. Picture 2 - The Harvest

C. Jesus saw and had compassion


44 min

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