Great Commission Passages in the New Testament (Part 2)

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The theology of Great Commission found in culminating texts in Matthew, Mark, Luke and John and reinforced in Acts 1:8.  Jesus gives us the mandate and the authority to proclaim the gospel publicly. The church is intended to be a public gathering not a selective cult. Discipling all nations is about affecting whole societies.  "Nations" means people groups, not a geographic or political entity. The emphasis in Matthew is making disciples.


I. Epiphany
II. NT events as fulfillment of Hebrew scriptures
    A. Peter quotes the Abrahamic covenant - Acts 3:25
    B. Romans chapter 4
    C. Romans 15:8-12
    D. Acts chapter 13
    E. Galatians 3
III. Great Commission
    A. Definition of Great Commission
        1. Teaching of the risen Lord
        2. Different locations
        3. Last spoken words of Jesus
        4. Culmination of the genre
    B. Matthew 28:18-20 (split at 57:25)
        1. "All authority"
        2. "Make disciples"
        3. "All nations"


45 min

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