Character Ladder (Part 2)

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The Christian life is not about you changing who you used to be into who you ought to be. It’s about maturing into who God says you are. You are designed by God to make a difference in a world that is trapped in sin. Your character is formed in relationship. Your influence is dependent on whether you are able to learn to receive from God power and authority or whether you try to get it on your own. Suffering for the benefit of others is the only way to move into God’s destiny for you. Rungs four and five on the Character Ladder move you through Godly suffering and into the dreams and destiny that God has prepared for you.

Integrity 3


Character Ladder (Part 2)

II.Character Ladder

D. Suffering that is unique to a Christian

1. Maturity

a. Immature leaders often lose objectivity in a crisis

b. Taking risks for the benefit of others

E. Destiny

1. God has dreams for you

2. Transitions

F. Conclusion


27 min

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