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Lecture 1: Leader vs. Leadership

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Will you be the kind of leader people want to follow or that they are forced to follow? Spiritual formation or discipleship only functions well in a healthy, authentic community context. .

Dr. Bruce McNicol begins the conversation on the difference between the Capacity Ladder and the Character Ladder and discusses how you form high trust leaders. Watch these three videos to begin the journey.

Integrity 1


Leader vs. Leadership

I. Introduction to TruFaced

II. Importance of Integrity

A. Sin makes you stupid

B. Example of Moses

C. What kind of leader will you be?

III. Process of Maturity for a Leader

A. Leader vs. Leadership

1. Capacity ladder

2. Character ladder

B. How character is developed

1. Developed in relationship and tested in isolation

2. Two rails: Environment of grace and relationship of trust

C. Environment of grace

1. Environments in general

2. Open loop system

3. The original safe place

D. Relationships of trust

1. Humility

2. Authenticity

3. Reformation of sanctifications

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41 min

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