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Ephesians (Part 2)

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Paul describes to the followers of Jesus in Ephesus, who they are in Christ, and the ethical implications for how they should live their daily lives.


Letters of Paul

Part 7

VII. Ephesians: Unity in Diversity as a Witness to the "Powers"

A. Ephesians Outline [General]

1. Theological exposition: The blessings of salvation (Chapters 1-3)

2. Ethical implications (Chapters 4-6)

B. Ephesians Outline [Detailed]

1. Greetings (1:1-2) – recall encyclical theory

2. Theological exposition: The blessings of salvation (1:3-3:21) – all one large prayer?

a. Praise God for blessings in the Trinity (1:3-14)

b. Prayer for understanding of hope and power (1:15-23)

c. The certainty of salvation (2:1-10)

i. The future as past: Co-resurrected and exalted (2:1-7)

ii. The past as present: Saved by grace which produces works (2:8-10)

d. The reconciliation of salvation (2:11-3:21)

i. Unity of Jews and Gentiles (2:11-22)

ii. Paul's stewardship of this unity (chapter 3)

3. Ethical implications (Chapters 4-6)

a. Growing up into Christian Unity (4:1-16)

i. The source is the Trinity (1-6)

ii. The method is the gifts of the Spirit (7-16)

b. Walking in Christian morality (4:17-5:16)

i. Putting on new person – renewing image of God (4:17-24)

ii. Putting off old person – falsehood (4:25-5:16)

c. Knowing God's will: the filling of the Spirit (5:17-6:9)

i. The main commands (5:17-18), fleshed out as:

ii. Praising God (v. 19)

iii. Giving thanks for everything (v. 20)

iv. Observing relationships of authority (5:21-6:9)

d. Standing firm against demonic realm (6:10-17)

i. Struggle in the "heavenlies" (10-12)

ii. Resistance through God's armor (13-18)

e. Concluding comments (6:19-23)

C. Spiritual Warfare in Ephesians

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