Free Online Bible Classes | Withdrawal from Galilee (Part 2b)

Withdrawal from Galilee (Part 2b)

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As Jesus was teaching in Galilee, among other things, he made specific claims regarding his deity, showed how he fulfilled the Jewish festivals and taught on humility and forgiveness.


Public Ministry

Part 11

V. Jesus' Withdrawal from Galilee (part 2)

C. Jesus' Claims in John 5-11

1. "My father is working and I am working." (5:17, cf. v. 18)

2. "I am the bread of life." (6:35)

3. "If anyone is thirsty, let him come to me and drink." (7:37)

4. "I am the light of the world." (8:12)

5. "Before Abraham was, I AM." (8:58)

6. "I am the light of the world." (9:5)

7. "I am the gate for the sheep…I am the good shepherd." (10:7, 11)

8. "I am the resurrection and the life." (11:25)

D. Jesus Fulfills Jewish Festivals

1. The Sabbath – "My father is working and I am working." (5:1-47)

2. The Passover – "I am the Bread of Life." (6:1-71)

3. Tabernacles – Living water and light of the world (7:1-9:41)

4. Hanukkah (Dedication) – The messianic shepherd. (10:1-42)p

E. Contrasts in John 5-11

1. Jesus as true Sabbath rest vs. performance drivenness (5:1-47)

2. Jesus as bread of life vs. political action (6:1-71)

3. Jesus as living water and light of the world vs. church involvement, religious ritual (7:1-9:41)

4. Jesus as Good Shepherd vs. all other masters, claims on our allegiance (10:1-21)

5. Jesus as true liberation vs. all attempts to bypass the cross (10:22-42)

6. Jesus as resurrection and life vs. everything that would limit our focus to life in this world. (11:1-57)

F. Gospels and Acts (Matthew 10:5-42)

1. Jesus' discourse on mission

2. Instruction just for the Twelve (vv. 5-15)

3. Transitional verse (v. 16)

4. Instructions for all Jesus' followers after his death (vv. 17-42) [N.B.: v. 23 is in this section]

G. Sermon on Humility and Forgiveness (Matthew 18:1-35)

1. On Humility (18:1-14)

a. Disciples' humility (vv. 1-9)

b. God's humility (18:10-14)

2. On Forgiveness (18:15-35)

a. Withheld if no repentance (vv. 15-20)

b. Unlimited if repentance (vv. 21-35)

H. Additional Discussions

1. Luke 11:42

2. Luke 12:16-21

3. Luke 14:25-33d

4. Luke 17-21

5. Summary of Luke

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