Week 16 Lesson 1 Jesus Arm Around Us

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Week 16 Lesson 1 Jesus Arm Around Us


This week we are talking about Jesus with His arm around us.

The key scriptures for this week are 1 Jn 1.5, Rom 8.1, Heb 13, John 20

Watch the video from John Lynch and then preview your Hands Exercise for the week.

In Lesson two Stewart Black will take us through Processing our Identity Part 2.
Remember to respond to the Heart Discussion in your cohort.

In Lesson three we will read TF7 and add to our personal questions inventory,
before we do our Hands Exercise.


Tell your Adjunct Faculty member what you are discovering about this statement;
"every request of God for your virtue and character has already been created
by a past event that happened once and for all when you became a new creature;
and that we now simply get to live into it."


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