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We are just starting to develop this curriculum. Before taking these classes, you should have attended all the classes in Foundations and Discipleship.

Biblical Content

The New Testament, its Basic Structure, Content, and Theology (30 hours), Dr. William Mounce. This is a more advanced class on the New Testament that will prepare a leader to defend the truth and refute error (Titus 1:9).

Practical Theology

Practical Theology aims to spread a passion for the supremacy of God in all things for the joy of all peoples. We pray that honest, humble, rigorous interpretation of Biblical texts, as well as God-centered discussion of theological and practical ministry issues will kindle this passion and equip students to spread it winsomely to others.

Why we Believe the Bible, Dr. John Piper

Suffering for the Sake of the Body, Dr. John Piper

Biblical Eldership, Dr. John Piper

The Character of a Leader

Desiring God, Dr. John Piper

Living by Faith in Future Grace, Dr. John Piper

Prayer, Meditation, and Fasting, Dr. John Piper

Forgiveness, Ron Toews

The Private Life of the Leader

Addictions: Pornography; Gambing; Abuse

Leadership Skills

Dealing with Confict

Dealing with Gossip and Slander

Organizational Leadership, Dr. Rick Sessoms

Introduction to Preaching (3 hours), Dr. Bryan Chapell

Legal Issues a Board Should Know

Essentials of Counseling

Coaching the staff

Biblical Training

The BiblicalTraining app gives you access to 2,300 hours of instruction (129 classes and seminars). Stream the classes, or download and listen to them offline. Share classes via social media, email, and more.