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Even for people who have been Christians for a long time, these classes will fill in gaps and challenge them to grow. Electives are additional classes that will take you deeper into the subject.

What the Bible Says

The Bible is the clearest revelation of the character and will of God, so it is always the starting point for all biblical study and spiritual growth.

The 52 Stories of the Bible (26 hours), Dr. William Mounce. The Bible is one continuous story, from the story of creation to the story of Jesus' future return at the end of time. And yet there are smaller, pivotal stories that make up the basic structure of the one big story. This is a sermon series, and all the extra material like sermon notes and overheads are included so the pastor can preach through the same series.

How to Study Your Bible (6 hours), Dr. George Guthrie. Have you ever sat down to study the Bible and not know how to start? Not sure what Bible study actually is? Dr. Guthrie uses the imagery of a trip to talk about starting with your biblical passage, traveling to a distant land in the past, and bringing back the historical meaning to your present, and asking what this now means to you. He has given this seminar in many chuches; it will work for you.

What the Bible Means 

Theology seeks to take all the biblical data and weave it into a consistent understanding of who God is, who we are, how we are to think and behave.

Essentials of Old Testament Theology (3 hours), Dr. Paul House. In his own style, Dr. House will summarize the basic teaching of the Old Testament. This course is not about what the text says, but what it means as a unified whole.

A Pocket Guide to New Testament Theology. This short book by Dr. I. Howard Marshall summarizes the basics of what we believe, written by one of the top scholars in the world, but written in such a way that all can understand. The book can be read online, and an ePub version can be downloaded for your ebook reader.


Hermeneutics, Dr. Mark Strauss. This is a more advanced class on how to study your Bible.

Biblical Theology. This three-part class will walk you through the theology of the Old Testament (by Dr. Miles Van Pelt), the Gospels (by Dr.Craig Blomberg), and then Paul and the rest of the New Testament (by Dr. Thomas Schreiner). As opposed the Systematic Theology, Biblical Theology asks the question of what a particular book, or group of books, teach on different topics, showing emphases of the different parts of Scripture.

What Jesus Means to Me

All biblical knowledge must be internalized. Starting with the truth, we reflect on it, and ask what we are learning about God, ourselves, and others.

Dynamics of Christian Spirituality (11 hours), Dr. Glen Scorgie. This class will help those who are at the beginning stages of the spiritual journey. It talks about the dynamics of spiritual growth, how to grow to be more like Christ.

Essentials of Worship (3 hours), Dr. Gary Parrett. What are you doing Sunday morning in church? Why do you sing, listen to a sermon, greet one another? Worship is all about the revelation of the character and will of God, and our appropriate response. That cycle is the true meaning of worship, and this class will help you understand not only Sunday morning but how you should be responding to God on a constant basis. New Testament worship is not limited by space and time. It is how we hear the voice of God, and respond, in all situations.


Spiritual Formation (10 hours), Dr. John Coe. This is one of the pivotal classes on BiblicalTraining. It is designed for people who have been followers of Christ for some time and are still striving to grow in their sanctification. It has an emphasis on people who feel stuck where they are and unable to move forward spiritually.

What Jesus Means to Others

The life best lived is the life lived for others, of loving your neighbors. All of our biblical training should ultimately force us to look outside ourselves to those around, and ask how we can love and serve them.

Essentials of Christian Education (3 hours), Dr. Gary Parrett. How do you communicate the gospel within the setting of a church? Who are you teaching? What are you teaching? Why? These questions and more are answered in a way that will help you train up people in your local congregation, and especially train up the next generation.

Small Group Dynamics (3 hours), Dr. Ron Pyle. How we communicate, andhow other hear and respond, is not as simple as one might expect. Dr. Pyle is a consummate professional in understanding the nature of communication, and in thisclass centers in on issues of leadership and conflict.

Personal Evangelism. Forthcoming.

The World Mission of the Church (3 hours), Dr. Timothy Tennent. The "others" that we are to love are not only those around us — our family, neighborhood, and church. It includes the world. Dr. Tennent has served the church around the world for years, and his teaching will help you lift up your heads to see beyond your local community the the world-wide tasks to which we have all been called.

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