New Believers


What does BiblicalTraining have for leaders in the church, whether elder, deacons, or small group leaders?

How are people identified, prepared, and nurtured for lay leadership?

Our Leadership program is a series of classes to help you identify future leaders, prepare them theologically and practically, and nurture your current leaders. It will bne complete in the summer of 2019, but you are welcome to use the classes and seminars we do have.

Are there programs of study to help prepare future leadership?

We offer two certificates for your leadership, Certificate in Biblical Leadership and Christ-Centered Leadership.

Should elders be walking with new believers?

Biblical elders must be involved the daily lives of the people in their church. What better way to come to know those people than to walk with a new believer through the New Believers Program.

Should elders be leading a small group?

Yes; be sure to attend our seminar on leading small groups.

How can our board meetings be more than discussions of budget and people problems?

Seminars were created to answer the questions, "What should every elder know about _________ ?" Our encouragement is for every elder board to pick one of the seminars, listen to them on their own time, and make reflection on the topics part of their regular meetings.

Biblical Training

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