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Exodus contains both apodictic and casuistic laws. There are also paradigmatic laws which are designed to give broad guidance for specific situations that arise. The first part of Exodus is mostly stories, and the second part is mostly a record of the laws which are the basis for how they interact with God and other people.


The Law


I.  Two Types of Law

A.  Apodictic Law

B.  Casuistic Law

C.  Laws of the Pentateuch


II.  Israelite Judges

A.  Exodus 18

B.  Moses = Supreme Court

C.  Other Judges = Lower Courts


III.  Paradigmatic Laws

A.  Extrapolation from Particular to General

B.  Examples

1.  Exodus 21:33

2.  Exodus 22:18

C.  Compared to Modern Law


IV.  Bifid Structure of Exodus


25 min