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Last Supper

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At the Last Supper, Jesus celebrated with his disciples by eating the Passover meal. He reinterpreted it to show how it pointed to him as being the perfect Lamb of God, the atoning sacrifice for the sins of all people. When we celebrate the Lord's supper, there is a focus of looking back at the significance of what Jesus did and how the Passover pointed toward him and of looking forward to the future. 


I. Upper room prearranged

II. Dating

A. First day of unleavened bread

B. Synoptics

III. Last Supper as Passover meal

A. Location

B. Timing

C. Hymn

D. Must sleep in Jerusalem

IV. Parts of the Last Supper

A. Body

1. Real presence

2. Transubstantiation

3. Memorial view

4. Calvinist reform tradition

B. Do this in remembrance of me

C. Blood of the covenant

D. A word about the future

V. Parallels to the Passover meal

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