Free Online Bible Classes | Suggestions for Churches

Suggestions for Churches

While any church can create any collection of lectures and courses they wish, we have found that some suggestions will help you get started.

1 Year (30 hours)

This set of classes requires an hour of listening a week for 30 weeks, a weekly meeting for people to share what they are learning, and an end-of-semester review session.

Fall Semester

1. Life is a Journey (Mounce, 6 hours) — basic discipleship
2. Bible Survey (Downs, 6 hours) — an overview of the entire Bible
3. Worship (Parrett, 3 hours)

Winter Semester

1. How to read your Bible (Mounce, 6 hours)
2. A Guide to Christian Beliefs (6 hours)
3. Evangelism (3 hours)

2 Year (60 hours — intermediate level)


3 Year (90 hours — Intermediate level)

Thank you to Fellowship Church in Jackson, Tennessee for sharing their three year program with us. Forthcoming.