Free Online Bible Classes | How to Customize Your Curriculum

How to Customize Your Curriculum

Step 1: Choose your classes or lectures

Choose the classes or lectures you want on your landing page and write them down on a piece of paper. Note that many classes on our site have similar titles.

Step 2: Log in and purchase a landing page

Log in to the account of the person who will maintain the landing page. Purchase a landing page. On the purchase confirmation page, click on the link to begin creating your landing page.

Step 3: Enter church or ministry name and brief description

Enter your church or ministry name in the Title field, upload your logo, and type a brief description of your church or ministry in the Body section.If you enter a logo, type something into the "Alt" field like "church logo" or you will get an error message about the "Alt field."

Step 4: Select courses

Click on the "Add items" button. A pop-up window will appear. Select the classes or seminars you wish to add. Use the drop-down to switch between the Foundations and Leadership tracks. When you're finished, click the "Add selected items" button and the pop-up will close. To include additional classes or seminars, click "Add another item" and repeat the process. You can change the order of the classes by dragging the plus-shaped handle on the left to its new order.

Step 5: Select lectures (optional)

If you would like to include specific lectures, begin typing the name of the lecture in the Lectures field. As you type, different lectures will appear. Click on the lecture you wish to add. To include additional lectures, click "Add another item" and repeat the process. You can change the order of the classes by dragging the plus-shaped handle on the left to its new order.

Step 6: Enter landing page address

Enter the name you would like to appear as your Landing Page url address. Your url for your landing page will begin with "" then you create a unique ending so people in your church can find it. For instance, if you decide on "betheldisciples", your url would be, "" Put only your unique ending in the field. Since it's a url, characters like spaces, colons, exclamation points, capital letters, etc. don't work. You can use all lower case letters, or you can add numbers and hyphens if you want to. Just don't use spaces or any other types of special characters.

Step 7: Enter contact information

Enter the contact information of the person who will be maintaining the landing page.

Step 8: Add downloads or links

Add any downloads or links that you would like to appear on your landing page. This could include your personal notes or links to other pages and websites that you consider helpful.

Step 9: Save your landing page

Click "Save" at the bottom of the page to save your landing page.

Step 10: Preview your landing page

Preview your landing page and ensure that the information is correct. The Study Group link is created automatically. To edit your Study Group, click on the Study Group name. You can click on Edit to change the name. People have access to the Study Group only when they are registered with BT and you invite them. Click on the Group tab, then choose Add users and enter their username or email address. You can change the people that are in the group by clicking on Group>People.

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