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Lamentations is a massive, huge, compound, complex lament that seeks to help God’s people see God’s goodness in the midst of tragedy.


The Exile:  Lamentations


I.  Orienting Data

A.  Who wrote it?

B.  Where would it have been written?

C.  What is it about?

1.  The Siege of Jerusalem

2.  The Exile

3.  Hope for foreign help

4.  Judah betrayed by its allies


II.  Lamentations' Function in the Bible

A.  Theodicy

B.  God has not failed

C.  Need to move on

1.  From Israel to Judaism

2.  From Old Covenant confidence to New Covenant Hope

3.  From corporate to individual responsibility

D.  How does God accomplish it


III.  Structure of Lamentations

A.  Acrostic

B.  Chiastic


IV.  How would you use this book?


V.  Dating of Prophecies

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