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Lecture 3: Key Themes in the Upanishadic Vision (pt 1)

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Brahman is the ultimate reality of the universe. Our atman is encrusted with karma and stuck on the wheel of Samsara. A Hindu's goal, in the process of being reincarnated through thousands of lifetimes, is to rid themselves of karma so they can achieve moksa, oneness with Brahman.


B. Ten Key Themes in the Upanishadic Vision

2. Atman and antaryamin - “one who dwells within” “internal controller”

3. Tat Twam Asi

a. thou art that (Chandogya 6.8.7)

b. the Transmission - “I am Brahman” (Brihad-Aranyaka 1.5.17) “aham Brahman”

4. Samsara

a. Realm of the individual cycle of life and rebirth

b. transmigration of souls (re-incarnation)

c. Four ages or Yuga of Samsara

1. Krta Yuga (golden age) 1.7 million years

2. Tretra Yuga 1.2 million years

3. Dvapara Yuga 864,000 years

4. Kali Yuga (dark age) 432,000 years

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