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Revelation - Key Issues

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The philosphy of interepretation you use when you study the book of Revelation determines what you think specific passages in the book are teaching.



Part 2

II.  Key Issues for Interpretation

A.  Schools of Interpretation

1.  Church Historical School

2.  Spiritual School

3.  Futuristic School

4.  Preterist School

B.  The Relationship of the Seals, Trumpets and Bowls

1.  Consecutive events

2.  Six seals with the seventh seal identical to the seven trumpets, which are repeated in the seven bowls

3.  Repetition of events

4.  Similarities

a.  Trumpets are almost identical to the bowls

b.  Looks like the end of history after sixth seal (6:15-17), seventh trumpet (11:15) and seventh bowl (16:17)

c.  Retelling of the events

C.  Letters to the Churches

1.  Seven churches

2.  The one who speaks refers back to the vision in chapter 1

3.  Idea of holding on to Christ and conquering

4.  Conquering for many of these means dying

5.  The book must be read in the context of helping people to overcome and conquer

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