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Two key events in the gospels, Jesus' trial and the resurrection. Using the rules of scholarship, he shows that even by those standards these events are authentic.


This rather technical discussion shows how using scholarship’s rules can actually work to prove the authenticity of two major events and teachings in Jesus’ life.

I. Jesus’ trial

A. Jesus claims to sit with God on the throne.

B. Jesus also predicts that God will vindicate him and one day Jesus will be their judge.

C. This affirms a key Christological claim developed in the NT.

II. Aside #1: Where did the witnesses come from?

A. Joseph of Arimathea

B. Paul

C. Public debate between Caiaphas (and his extended family) and Jesus (and the early church)

D. Servants

III. Aside #2: Was it possible in Judaism for a person to sit with God in heaven?

A. Moses

B. 1 Enoch (“Son of Man”)

C. 3 Enoch (Metatron’s tour of heaven”)

D. Rabbi Akiva

IV. Resurrection

A. Women’s witness does count legally, so why use women if the church is making up the story?

B. Burial practices are accurate

C. Third day resurrection does not fit standard Jewish expectations

D. Reaction to the women is embarrassing to the church

E. Why no detailed appearances to Jesus or James?


Core events have solid support for being authentic.

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