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Kerygma in Acts

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The kerygma is the proclamation of the gospel to nonbelievers. The first presentations were made to people who were familiar with the teachings of the Old Testament. (Begins on page 6 of the outline)


I. Gospel proclaimed to the Jews, Proselytes and Interested Gentiles

A. The age of fulfilment has dawned

B. Age of fulfilment has taken place through the ministry, death, and resurrection of Jesus in accord with the scriptures

C. By virtue of his resurrection Jesus has been exalted to the right hand of God

D. The gift of the Spirit is due to Jesus' exaltation

E. Messianic Age will reach its consummation in the return of Christ

F. An appeal for repentance, offer of forgiveness and Holy Spirit to those who receive promise of salvation by baptism

II. Preaching the Gospel to Pagans

A. A point of contact established: religion (17:22 23) and cites a Greek poet (17:28)

B. God is creator (14:15; 17:24)

C. God does not need us; we need him (17:24 26)

D. He has shown his goodness in providing food and joy (14:17)

E. He has made people in his image (17:29 30)

F. Repent and seek God 17:27-31)

G. Resurrection proves judgment (17:31)

H. No evidence that compromise of gospel is present

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