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The historical books--Joshua, Judges, and Ruth--are essential reading for understanding how the bible views the progress of history. These books help us understand what the basic stages are in the progress of God’s relations with humanity. There is development, and progress in history we can refer to as epochs. This lecture provides an overview of redemptive history and a summary of the book of Joshua.


The Promised Land: Joshua


I. Redemptive History

A. Simplification

B. Jerome Brunner


II. Redemptive History Simplified

A. Creation and Prehistory

B. Patriarchal Prologue

C. Creation of Israel

D. Israel under Blessing

E. Israel under Curse

F. Israel under Blessing


III. Structure of Joshua

A. Conquest of Promised Land

B. Land Allotment


IV. Last Chapters of Joshua

A. Towns for Accidental Killers

B. God as a Culture Buster


V. Covenant Renewal

A. Exclusive Nature of the Covenant

B. Bargaining Language

C. Call to Leave False Gods


VI. General Conquest Pattern

A. Central/Entry Campaign

B. Southern Campaign

C. Northern Campaign

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