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Job’s Negative Confession (chapter 31)

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This is the last major statement that Job makes, other than his responses to God that come later. Job is taking a series of oaths that he has not committed any of the sins he mentions. The Bible is distinctive in declaring that all people are created equally, in the image of God. In ancient cultures, some people intrinsically have more value than others because of heritage, wealth, gender, race, etc. God looks on everyone impartially.  


I. Definition of a Negative Confession

II. The List of Sins that Job Claims He Did Not Commit

A. Lust

B. Cheating

C. Adultery

D. Unjust employer

E. Ignoring the poor

F. Greed

G. Superstition or idolatry

H. Vindictive and cunning

III. Conclusion of Job's Confession

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